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Handmade soy candles

  • Take care of the environment

    By choosing Sparklight Candle soy candles, you care about the environment. Our soy candles are made only from soy wax and cotton wick. The soybeans used in their production are natural, non-genetically modified, pesticides and herbicides free. Sparklight Candle soy candles also have lower carbon dioxide emissions - up to 90% less than when burning ordinary paraffin candles. Thanks to these properties, our scented candles are safe and can be used with children, people with allergies or asthma, as well as with animals.

  • Candles are good for everything

    Sparklight Candle soy candles are a stylish addition to any interior, as well as a perfect gift idea. The minimalist design makes our candles fit perfectly into both modern and more traditional interiors. Thanks to the glass containers, the candles give a pleasantly bright, warm light, giving an intimate and relaxing atmosphere. An additional advantage is the fact that after melting the candle, these containers can be reused.

  • Sparklight Candle - the highest quality

    Soy candles Sparklight Candle is a unique product. Each candle is prepared by hand from scratch - starting from attaching the wick, through flooding the candle, ending with packaging, all in order to meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers. The entire production process of our soy candles takes place in Germany. The use of soy wax makes our candles more efficient than traditional ones - they burn twice as long, melt evenly, so not a single drop of wax is wasted. An additional advantage of soy wax is the fact that its melting point is lower than paraffin, which is why soy candles are safer to use and easier to clean in case of any dirt - warm soapy water is enough.